We're excited to offer commercial grade DTF printing! Familiar with the process? Click the 'Order' button below to start your project with us. New to the process? Read on for a brief overview! 

What is Direct to Film (DTF) printing? A specialized inkjet printer is used to print directly onto a heat transfer film. Adhesive powder is then added to the backside of the film and run through an oven. Once cured, the design is ready for transfer to a variety of fabrics / materials through the use of a heat press. Final prints can be vibrant, highly detailed and durable. 

DTF Orders

A second core service we're excited to offer is laser cutting / engraving through the use of two CO2 laser machines. Our larger unit is stationary and has a working area of 20x28". The second unit is portable and has a working area of 4x4". A variety of materials can be used - from solid wood to acrylic, leather, glass and coated metals. 

We've covered a lot of ground and look forward to taking on new and unique projects. Contact us for more information!

Laser Orders